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SAINT GERON 法國原裝純天然氣泡礦泉水


『聖漾』是一個卓越的品牌,保持著人性化的規模,並且保持著在技術的最前線。接著,它本身就是個非常特別的水: 聖漾是『純天然氣泡』。它呈現的即是從地球中湧出時的原貌,含著各式礦物質、天然氣泡,呈現時不帶二氧化碳。它和所有其它生產的水截然不同,換言之它是獨特的。

此外,聖漾綠水與泉水不同。基於它的成份,含有高達 1128.9的碳酸氫鹽,鹼性且幫助消化,數值愈高愈適合配餐,它成為了適合人類的水。並且理所當然的,由於它的純天然氣泡,非人工添加,帶出了不同層次的細膩口感。

聖漾綠水,獨特口感和細緻氣泡源自於從地底湧泉就擁有的礦物質。露水經歷千年滲透到層層的花崗岩石地底,與深層的火山運動相互合作,最後湧出到地表時而造就了Saint Geron這獨一無二的天然自帶氣泡而無人工添加二氧化碳的氣泡礦泉水。水源處位於海拔510公尺高的南法奧弗涅區,保留著舊城古蹟,以及一小部分的耕種區,其它皆保留它的原貌,保護了它的水源純淨度,避免受到任何工業或是農業的汙染。這個地區的穩定環境,成就了Saint Geron在天然氣泡水世界中的無與倫比。

它的獨特除了口感及氣泡細緻之外,相較於一般市面上的礦泉水或氣泡礦泉水皆是圓瓶身,而Saint Geron為了它的與眾不同,與藝術家Alberto Bali創造出這款特殊的瓶身設計。靈感源於羅馬建築『圓』與『方』的和諧平衡結合,以及隱涵 地球(圓) 與 天堂(方) 的平衡融合,再更深入的 地球(圓) 與  奧弗涅(方) 的兩相和諧結合,創造出瓶身上部為『圓』柱體以及向下結合『方』柱體的玻璃瓶身設計。加上皇冠式的瓶蓋,讓氣泡更是更能長久的保存在這每一瓶的藝術瓶身中。



Saint Géron 來自一個古老的天然泉水水源。

Saint-Géron 聖漾綠水純天然氣泡礦泉水位於法國的奧弗涅地區,是一個與世隔絕的森林、火山風景和岩石峽谷的天然區域,是世界上少數的純天然氣泡礦泉水。深處于豐富的地底天然豐富礦物質,使得Saint-Géron含有獨特的性格及元素。

A mineral water with magnesium

Its health benefits


A magnesium-rich mineral water for your wellbeing

Over 70% of French people have a deficiency in magnesium 1, yet this mineral is of fundamental physiological importance. It contributes to fatigue reduction, the proper functioning of nerves, energy metabolism, the maintenance of normal bones and teeth, and many other functions 2

In addition it has been shown that the magnesium in water is absorbed by the organism, as easily as the magnesium contained in medication or food 3,4. Another study concerning female adults, equally indicated that the magnesium in water is well absorbed, especially if the water is consumed at mealtime 5.

The consumption of Saint-Géron natural mineral water helps to efficiently meet your body’s requirements in magnesium. 1.5 liters covers 21.5% of your daily needs 6.


A bicarbonated mineral water for better digestion.

A mineral water is bicarbonated if it contains more than 600 mg/l of bicarbonate, - Saint-Géron mineral water boasts almost twice this amount! Bicarbonated mineral waters have an anti-acid 7 activity and are especially well-suited to athletes, notably during recovery phases. Following a short but intensive exercise, the objective is that of reducing the acidity in the body as quickly as possible.

A solution is to drink, in the minutes following a physical effort, a bicarbonate-laden mineral water, such as Saint-Géron.

Drinking a bicarbonated mineral water also promotes digestion, thereby avoiding bloating and the feeling of heaviness after a big meal. Indeed, bicarbonates ease the stomach’s acidity and facilitate gastric drainage, especially in the case of over consumption of meat, fat or alcohol.


A mineral water, preserved in its purity

The spring of Saint-Géron natural mineral water is located in a well preserved living area, free from agricultural and industrial pollution. The water has gradually made its way through the age-old granite and comes to the surface with natural bubbles, on a layer of earth that is rich in compact clay and completely waterproof. For thousands of years, its hydrogeological course and specific terroir, associated with underground volcanic activity, has preserved the water of Saint-Géron from external pollution. 

Saint-Géron mineral water has always been nitrate free 8. It belongs to the exclusive club of best preserved natural mineral waters.


Doctor Christian Recchia

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